Q: What is MoboGoGlobo?
A: MoboGoGlobo is a mobile-orienteering team event where a local runner (without a map) is directed by a navigator (with a map), from anywhere in the world, via phone.

Q: What is Mobile-Orienteering? (also known as Mobile-O or Cell Phone-O)
A: Mobile Orienteering is a style of orienteering where a pair navigates an orienteering course. One half of the pair is physically on the course, but without a map. The other half of the pair uses the map to direct his/her teammate where to go with a phone or two-way radio. This style of orienteering debuted in Hungary in 2004. More info (external website).

Q: Do I need any previous experience?
A: Not really. Navigators should be familiar with basic orienteering maps and international orienteering symbols. This is an urban park, so the courses will not be too challenging. For runners, your main objectives are to listen to your navigator and provide accurate feedback. If you're a good communicator, no orienteering experience is necessary!

Q: When and where is the event?
A: The event will physically take place at Lincoln Park in Seattle, USA, on Saturday, March 5th, from 18:00-20:00 GMT (10:00am-12:00pm Seattle time). Exact start times for each local/global team will be announced on Thursday, March 3rd. Local/local teams will not have assigned start times.

Q: How are maps provided?
A: Maps will be electronically available to global navigators about 24 hours before the event. File formats will include .pdf and .jpg and are easily printable on standard-sized paper. We're making maps available early so that it's more flexible for our navigators. Print a copy and take it with you, wherever you happen to be when the event starts! (Since this is a fun, fund-raising event, we're relying upon your honesty to not study the course ahead of time or share with your teammate.) Local runners will be provided with a souvenir map after finishing the course.

Q: How are teams formed?
A: There are three ways to get on a team.

1) Bring A Buddy. If you’re in Seattle, bring your own teammate to the event. Each teammate runs one half of the MoboGoGlobo! course, and navigates over the phone for the other half. Pre-registration is not required. Maps and a start time will be provided at the event. You are responsible for organizing your own team.

2) Call A BuddyIf you live elsewhere, call up a friend in Seattle, or if you’re in Seattle, call up a remote teammate for the event. The local teammate runs the entire MoboGoGlobo! course, and the global teammate navigates over the phone. Pre-registration is required by Wednesday, March 2nd. A start time will be provided on Thursday, March 3rd, and a map will be provided electronically to the global teammate on Friday, March 4th. You are responsible for organizing your own team.

3) Give Me A Buddy. If you live in Seattle and want to meet a new orienteering friend, or if you’re a global navigator and don’t know anyone in Seattle, sign up and we will arrange a team for you! Pre-registration is required by Wednesday, March 2nd. A start time will be provided on Thursday, March 3rd, and a map will be provided electronically to the global teammate on Friday, March 4th.

Q: For Give-Me-A-Buddy, what if the number of local runners doesn't match the number of global navigators?
A: If we have too many pre-registered local runners, we'll pair them with each other on-site. If we have too many global navigators, then participants will be paired on a first-come, first-served, basis. We won't process any financial transactions until after the teams are formed, so if you aren't on a team, you won't have to pay. In the 2009 and 2010 events, everyone who wanted to participate was able to do so.

Q. For Give-Me-A-Buddy, how will you match up local participants with global navigators?
A: We’ll take a look at a variety of factors, including time of signup, start time availability, languages spoken, and other information given during the signup process.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It’s $25 for a team of two adults, $15 for a team of an adult and junior, and $5 for a team of two juniors (18 & under). The team entry fee includes the use of e-punches for those who don’t have one.

Q: How do I donate my entry fee?
A: Everyone has the option to donate through Cascade Orienteering Club's Paypal account, which is currently live. Local participants can donate at the event. Global participants using Give-Me-A-Buddy are not required to make their transactions until March 3rd, once teams are finalized.

Q: If I'm running the course and my teammate is in another country, will I be charged extra for an international phone call?

A: We have asked the major US carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint), and they have all responded with: If you are receiving the call, you will be only charged the normal rate. (Example: if receiving a local call would use nights/weekend minutes, receiving an international call would use nights/weekend minutes, as well.) International charges are only incurred if you are dialing the call.

Q: I live outside the US, and I want to participate without an expensive phone call. Do you have any suggestions?
A: Try using Skype and call using your computer. Many countries can call to the US for as little as $0.02 per minute. More info (external website).

Q: What is WIOL and how does this event benefit it?
A: WIOL is the Washington Interscholastic Orienteering League, and this event will help send our juniors to national-level events, such as the US Interscholastic Orienteering Champs in California this April. You can read more about WIOL here.

Q: I participated in MoboGoGlobo in previous years. What happened to the bidding process?

A: It's gone. The auction of our local runners was complicated and confusing for participants and it created extra work for our organizers. We've streamlined the 2011 event so that the three most popular methods of participation from previous events are included: bringing along friends to the event (Bring A Buddy), calling up known acquaintances (Call A Buddy), and the excitement of getting paired with someone new (Give Me A Buddy). We've also simplified the pricing structure to $25 for a team of two adults, $15 for a team of an adult and junior, and $5 for a team of two juniors. Of course, you're always welcome to donate more!