Bring A Buddy!

If you live in Seattle, and you have a local friend, classmate, or family member you'd like to team up with, then you both get to run! The MoboGoGlobo! course will be comprised of two loops. Call-A-Buddy and Give-Me-A-Buddy local runners will run both loops, and Bring-A-Buddy teammates will each run one loop, and navigate during the other.

For Bring-A-Buddy, there is no pre-registration required. Just show up on event day, and register and pay as if it's a local event. Since this is a fund-raiser for WIOL, prices are $25 for a team of two adults, $15 for a team of an adult and junior, and $5 for a team of juniors. Prices include e-punch rental.

If you're planning on participating with Bring-A-Buddy, consider signing up for Give-Me-A-Buddy instead. For all of the global participants we get, we'll need locals to balance them out. To maximize the potential of this event, we'll want to make sure that no globals get left out!